Expert Copywriting For
Lifestyle & Beauty Brands


Hey  you.

You're doing ALL the right things, and you're working your ‘boutins off.

 I see you. 

But, it's time to stop clawing your way to success, thinking the only thing your brand needs is more marketing -- the fact is, you need to pay attention to all the pretty little details. 

Build the right content, give your brand a little green juice boost, and​ then the right people will come. 

Trust me. 


Tired of staring at a blank screen wishing the “write” words would just magically appear?

I get it. 

At Shimmer Copy, we translate your jewel-like qualities into words that

catch the eye and stir the imagination of your dream clients.

Brand-maestro style.

Together we will enhance your content, dazzle your audience & get them to feel like your the Carrie to their Mr. Big (without all that “I’m moving to Paris” nonsense).

It's time to cleanse your copy, step into that badass brand territory,

boost your digital presence and give your business an undeniable glow. 


Why work with a copywriter?

The answer is simple.

Great copy will lead to more sales, engagement and an overall increase in your conversions. 

With a copywriter on your side you can relax knowing that its taken care of. 

I’ll do the research, writing & editing so you don’t have to. 

Save Time

Your time is precious and we understand that.  Invest in a professional writer, and you'll be able to skip the labor of content creation. You might even have time to grab a second (ok third) cup off coffee!

Less Stress

When you own a business, you have to become your own boss, tech guru, receptionist, and oh ya- copywriter? Let us take the grueling task of writing off your plate so that you'll have less stress and more time to invest in what makes you happy.

More Traffic

We will have your website feeling like it's located right on the busy streets of NYC. With a copywriter by your side you will generate more leads, optimize your SEO, and ensure that it sparks everyone's attention.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


I’m Sierra. 

The voice behind Shimmer Copy, a shoeaholic, and a firm believer that your dream clients want more than a transactional exchange of products.

They want to be part of an experience.

Together we will accessorize your brand with search-engine seducing web copy, nourishing newsletters and evocatively crafted content, making your business shine brighter than a new pair of Manolo Blahnik’s. 


Sierra is an unbelievably talented copywriter. I was blown away with each piece she delivered. From landing pages, to email series, and pretty much EVERYTHING in between, she absolutely excelled.